The Bakery Case at Decadent Dogs…for dogs only

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Leaps Wednesday Review: Today I am sitting pretty and begging for these Preppy Puppy Treats. They are so good I even figured out how to open this case so I can get them myself (my moms a party pooper though and always catches me! Got to learn to be sneakier!) My mom says we are a special store because this bakery (Preppy Puppy) sends these treats special just for us! They are in Massachusetts (wherever that is) and they get sent to us a few times a month. I like tasting them when we get new ones. Made of all natural stuff you would find in your cabinet at home that are good for me and cute to boot. I personally like the PBandJ sandwiches and the Poodle Puffs. I think they are definitely a best seller here because I get tempted all day long when they open the case for other dogs. I give these cookies a big 4 paws up!! *all reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Pet Nation Renovation Contest- Vote for Al-Van Humane Society!

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Al-Van is one of 5 top finalists for a $50,000 renovation prize from Animal Planet’s Pet Nation Renovation Contest. This would be a HUGE help in getting us closer to moving our shelter animals into our new adoption center to celebrate our 50th anniversary (2018). All you need to do:
• Go to:…/pet-nation-renovation-inter…/…
Vote for Al-Van Humane Society (Al-Van is the 4th one listed-click on the select circle to the right to vote, then scroll to bottom of page and hit submit your vote).

Leap loves going green! Green toys that is!

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Leaps Wednesday Review: These fun “green” toys are also totally safe and healthy for me! Made out of rice husk rubber that is totally natural and no chemicals to hurt me. These are sure to be a fun toy for any dog. We can play tug with the soft rope and ball, play fetch and chew with the bones, and I can even do my favorite thing with Lucy the Parrot… SQUEAK! I give these Beco Toys 3 paws up (they lost one paw because my mom says they aren’t the toughest toy for really tough chewers) *all reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Books and Barks

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Kids, dogs and good dog stories, what could possibly be better?  Add some Therapy Dogs practicing their skills, some adults that love a good time, host it at the World’s Best Store for K9 Kids and you have a Storytime Event called “Books and Barks”!  Held at South Haven Decadent Dogs at 4pm on Wednesdays in March and April 2017.  Held at Holland Decadent Dogs at 4pm on Saturdays in March and April 2017.  Join us!


Leap’s Review!

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Leaps Wednesday Review: I love being snuggly cozy warm. This cozy cave by Snoozer fits the bill! I can crawl right in and take a nap. It has really soft white fluffy stuff inside that I can snuggle into while feeling like I am covered up too. Perfect for me and my friends who like to sleep under blankets in the cold. My mom says you can even take off the whole outside to clean it in that magic machine that makes all my things smell fresh and new again. She says that’s a great thing, I personally like making my stuff smell like me and my adventures! I like this large size one but they come in all different sizes for all my friends. I give it 4 paws up! *All reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Leap’s Wednesday Review: Zuke’s Mini Naturals are BEST training treats!

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Leaps Wednesday Review: Zuke’s treats are my favorite when I am training. I can eat a whole bunch of them and still keep my slender active figure. A great little treat to tell me I was a good girl and make me happy but not too much that I get distracted from my next task! They are soft and about pea sized so very easy to eat. My mom says they are healthy for me because they are wheat, corn, and soy free – I just think they taste yummy. I can get them in a bunch of flavors too like Rabbit, Pork, Salmon, Peanut Butter, and more! I give them 4 paws and a bunch of happy taste buds up! *All reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Ruffwear for great quality Dog Products


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Product Spotlight: Ruffwear is a great company who makes extra durable products for those outdoor and active dogs. They also make great leashes for running that can be used hands free and have bungee sections to help absorb some shock and pull. We have backpacks, collars with metal buckles, slack line leads from ruffwear, even rain jackets! Come on in and check them out.

Leap reviews the GoDog toys!

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Leaps Wednesday Review: Go Dog Go! Do your dogs like to “go go go” when it comes to destroying toys like I do? Well these GoDog! toys may be just the fit for you too then. They squeak and flop and fluff AND they are made extra tough. The human people who make them even are so confident in how well they made them… if I kill it within 30 days of purchase they will give me a NEW one! That’s pretty cool of those humans. From Dinosaurs to Chickens to Wild Animals they have toys for all personalities. I personally love the chickens floppy long legs like mine! I give them 4 paws up! *All reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Dog Breed Bingo Game:Jan 20, 2017 at South Haven Store!

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Hello everyone, young and old, dog owners or just friends-of-dogs-You are invited to play Bingo with us at the South Haven store Friday from 4-5:30pm!  Snacks and Bingo cards will be provided and prizes will be awarded!  Fun for all and all for for fun!  4 Paws Up for Bingo!Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.12.01 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.12.22 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.12.41 PM

Leap’s Expert Toy Review!


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Leap’s Wednesday Review: Do you ever feel lonely and just need a friend? I know I do! These Huggle Hounds are great friends though. They are made of thick skin so even when I get mad at them and bite them they don’t rip. They are also nice and warm to cuddle up with. I even like to hang out in this basket with them! I give them 3 paws up! *All reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

Santa is coming to South Haven Ddogs Store!

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Mark your calendars to visit SoHa Decadent Dogs: Saturday, Dec 17, 2016 from 11a-3p.  Santa fundraises for a SouthWestern Michigan Animal Shelter-Adopt a Friend for Life by charging $15 for a printed photo to take home!  In a nice folder!  And he’s a jolly, old elf  that makes us all smile!  We will serve some yummy Hot Cocoa and snacks AND have some Christmas Specials!  Join us!


Wanda-our true Dutch Girl!


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Wanda knows all things Holland and Dutch, she even works for the Downtown Holland group AND for Tulip Time!  And she supplied all of us in Dutch costumes for Tulip Time.  Wanda has 3 beagles, “the girls”, and has always been a dog lover and supporter.  We are so happy to have her working at Decadent Dogs!

Laura joins Ddogs Staff


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Laura is a welcome addition to our Ddogs team…as you can see, she’s open for anything-she even dressed up to work on Halloween!  That’s why we so appreciate her-she jumps right in to any project, works hard and smiles a lot!  Welcome!

Janet loves Gilligan!


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Well, all the Staff at Ddogs loves Gilligan, but Janet and he have a special bond-must be influenced by the number of treats Janet gives him?  Janet also loves working at Decadent Dogs, her son Ethan worked here first-he must have given us the thumbs up!  Nice to have you onboard, Janet!

Nancy – the Staff Member we all aspire to be!


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Nancy joined Ddogs staff late in the summer of 2016.  She always has been a favorite customer of Ddogs, a loyal friend to all downtown and she Fosters puppies for Al-Van Humane!  (She’s holding 2 of her Fosters in this picture)  Nancy also works with preschoolers, so you can see she has great patience and love and serves our customers well!

High Visibility Vest-the BEST during Hunting Season, especially!


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Gilligan is doing a great job modeling this Safety Orange Vest with reflective piping.  We still want to enjoy walks in the woods and on the trails, just make sure you and your dog are seen, day and night!  Made of lightweight mesh and comfortable (Gilly told me it’s true)

Pet Psychic, Jan Alms, at South Haven store on Saturday!

Pet Psychic Janet Alms will be at Decadent Dogs on Sat 11am-3pm!

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Welcome to Decadent Dogs, Pet Psychic, Jan!  She will be talking to our customers from 11am-3pm, Saturday, November 12, 2016, and trying to find out just what your dog (or cat) is thinking about…or wishing for….or maybe your rescue wants to tell you what his life was like before you.   We’ve heard some great stories in the 5 years since Jan has visited us!  This is a FREE Event, no appointments needed and dog need not be present.  See you tomorrow!

Old World Christmas Ornaments


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Decadent Dogs carries ALL the dog Christmas ornaments from Old World and they are all adorable, and true depictions of breed! This new Doodle dog is so cute, certainly captures the Doodle energy and fun spirit!

Holland Staff Member, Abby


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Abby has been involved in dog training and grooming for over 10 years.  She currently shows her 2 Border Collies Skye and Leap in Agility, Flyball, Disc and other dog sports they want to try!  They have trained with the top agility instructors in the world and love to compete!  Leap has also joined the Ddogs team.  She is an avid ball player/fetcher and greets each customer at the door with a question “Didn’t you just come here to play with me?”.  She’s  proven herself to be a great asset-she sells TOYS!

First Place in Costume Contest-Couples!


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Hot Dog for Sale!  Emma and her dog won First Place in Couples category!

ShopDogs hard at work at Decadent Dogs


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Gilligan is a rescue, now approximately 4 years old-Shiba Inu and Chihuahua-favorite treat-Happy Howie’s sausage (any flavor-Beef, Lamb or Turkey).  Will  work for food!  Sandy is also a rescue, about 2 years old-loves to be loved!  Part Husky and “talks” often, mostly Mutt.  Can you guess why her name is Sandy?

Treat rated “Top Dog Treat” by Gilligan!


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The Lickety Stik lickable pet treat  gives your dogs all the excitement and flavor of a moist treat without the sticky mess. A tidy rollerball dispenses all-natural liquid goodness –dogs just lap it up! Now there’s a way to treat your dog with a highly enjoyable all-natural liquid treat. With Lickety Stik your dog gets all of the flavor and none of the bulk of other biscuits and treats that can fill ‘em up.

A treat of 10 licks is just 1 calorie. Each bottle contains over 500 licks! This handy pocket size goes anywhere and is great as a training reward or “just because”.

  • 3 Natural flavors with added vitamins-Bacon (YUM!), Chicken and Peanut ButterScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.59.57 PM
  • Over 500 licks per bottle
  • Only 1 calorie in every 10 licks and 50 calories per bottle
  • No-mess roller-ball
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Great for training

Huggle Hounds Galore!


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Huggle Hounds are a great stuffed animal for your dog. Fairly tough fabric, with a soft interior that encases a few squeakers for added enjoyment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wee little ones small enough for the 2 pounders all the way up to the jumbo sized for the large breeds.

We always suggest to have some hard toys, some soft toys, and a few in between to avoid chewed socks, blankets, slippers, and furniture. (As with any toy, play should be supervised).

We’ve got a Fitting Table!


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Thanks to one of the bosses being crafty, we now have a fitting table available to be used in Holland. No more hovering over the dog while trying on harnesses and other great items.
(Currently on trial in Holland Location only)

Now your dog can feel like he/she is part of a fashion show and display their new look with pride.

Never Camp Or Boat Or Hunt Alone!

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Here at we love to include our dogs in everything we do!  And so do our customers!

We have just the right teeshirts available for fun with the dog along!Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.31.00 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.30.44 AM


Hydration Is Key

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Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.24.19 PMWith summer in full swing our furry friends need to stay hydrated too! The staff at Decadent Dogs love to use the Gulpy water dispensers. These bottles come in two different sizes and colors. It is a convenient way to keep water on hand while you are hiking, biking, or even just going on a nice evening walk downtown. The Gulpy bottles can also be hooked onto your backpack, belt loop, or your dog’s harness. If you are an avid biker these bottles will fit right into your bike’s water bottle holder. They are the perfect way to keep your furry friend happy and healthy on these hot summer days!

Christmas in July at Decadent Dogs!

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Yes, Decadent Dogs keeps their Stockings up all year!

Available in 56 Breed Options!  And soooo beautiful!  Hand done in Needlepoint, every stitch a labor of love.  Dog’s name may be embroidered along the top for an additional $8.  Call us to add embroidery-269-639-0716.


Stress Relief using Pet Remedy

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 Does your dog struggle with anxiety?  No matter what the trigger (Separation, Fireworks, Lightning, etc) Pet Remedy can help!  Use the Plug In model for continuous calming, making it much easier to calm pet when the triggers are approaching. Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.21.22 AM
Pet Remedy Benefits:
  • 100% Natural blended essential oils (Sweet Basil, Sage, Valerian & Vetiver)
  • Longer lasting
  • Cross species meaning you can use one for all household pets
  • Use on clothes, bedding & both your’s and your pet’s skin to help sooth and calm.

Buddy Belts


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Buddy Belts are a great harness option.  They are made in all sizes, to fit a 1- 100+ lb  dogs! Decadent Dogs carries the 4 smallest sizes of Buddy Belts and are happy to order larger sizes.  Traditional neck collars can cause unnecessary strain and discomfort for pets. In many cases this strain results in damage to your pet’s trachea (windpipe) and/or spine.  The Buddy Belt dips very low below the neck on the chest, and never cause trachea or neck damage.  The closure is a traditional belt.  We welcome customers to stop by and let us fit your dog with the very harness option!Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.03.26 PM

BeneBones Product Review


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The staff here, at Decadent Dogs, has fallen in love with a fairly new chew toy! The Benebone was first introduced to us last fall, and we can’t get enough of it. Benebone is a USA based family business. They keep all of their manufacturing process here in the US, in support of small businesses. They have very simple ingredient lists, and are very supportive of animal welfare groups, including shelters and rescues.

Now let’s talk practicality; the benebone comes in a few shapes and sizes including wishbone shapes and rocking dental chews. They are available in three different flavors: Bacon, Peanut Butter, and Chicken and are simply Nylon bones with actual bacon, peanuts, or chicken thrown in for the flavor. Similar to regular nylabones, the Benebone can help clean your dogs teeth as it chews, which can save them from extra dental work later.

Staff Member, Esther S., absolutely loves having these bones around her house stating, “My dogs love these, almost as much as real bones, and they fight over them constantly. Yet between all three dogs, these bones have held up amazingly!”
(Her dogs include a 25lb border collie mix, 30lb pit-lab mix, and 50lb Doberman mix that is still growing).

These chews have quickly become one of our “go-to” toys for intense chewers, and have already saved many chair legs and flip flops!

Who needs Doggles?


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Decadent Dogs staff is asked why Dogs would need Doggles often!  And, here is the answer!  Dogs that ride on motorcycles, boats or hang their heads out of car windows could use a pair to protect their eyes from sand, rocks, sun, and wind.  Especially pale eyed dogs, like Huskies, could use sun protection, even when NOT on a boat!  Dogs hiking in the mountains, summer or winter, could use the protection form sun and/or falling rocks, sand, snow. Dogs eyes can be damaged just like human eyes.  Originally designed by the Army for dogs in Iraq as sun and sun protection for their Bomb-Sniffing, K-9 Dogs.  And made available to the public once they were proven to be so protective!  Decadent Dogs recommends putting your dogs Doggles on the first time out in the bright sunlight-they quickly understand what a benefit they are!  And then they learn-Doggles on=Good Times!  And besides, do we have to mention they are just adorable in Doggles?  Picture is Annie, a Havanese, showing off her Doggles!

Favorite Teeshirt?

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“Sniff Test” Tee is the GREATEST! It says “If my Dog doesn’t like you, I won’t either” Click on “Shop” above to see the picture and price of this Denim Blue Tee.

Chilly Dog Sweaters


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The best in doggie sweaters from Chilly Dogs-washable wool, Fair Trade made in Peru, easy to put on, easy to wear and warm!

Holiday Schedule:

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Both Decadent Dogs locations will close early at 5pm on New Years Eve.
Both will reopen at Noon on New Years Day and close at 5pm.
South Haven store will be open Every Day from 9am-6pm this winter
Holland store will be open Every Day from 10am-8pm and Sundays Noon-5pm.

Shelter Dog of the Day December 14, 2015


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Sebastian! All time favorite around here! We love this friendly little guy, and he loves us right back! He’s about 3 years old and is visiting Decadent Dogs, South haven until about 3:30 today-ADOPT!

I Like Big Mutts and I cannot lie ……BallCap

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Fun Hat to show the love! Try NOT to sing the song, I dare you!
Top quality hat and stitching
Other sayings include: Dog Dad, Dog Mom, Dog Lover 24/7 and Life is Better with a Dog

Christmas Stockings


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Doesn’t every dog deserve a stocking hung by the chimney with care? With their name monogrammed on it? Decadent Dogs can help-with a hand needlepointed in wool, Christmas stocking-available in 56 Breeds! $34.95 each, monogram $8.

Shopping Jam Downtown Holland Dec 12,2015

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Come. Shop. Save in Downtown Holland this Saturday morning!
8-9am 30% off all Dog Winter Apparel-Coats and Sweaters and Boots, oh my!
9-10am 25% off all Human Apparel-Hoodies and Tees and Hats, oh my!

What’s the difference between a Tuffy Ultimate Toy and a Mega?

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So, what’s the difference between a Tuffy Ultimate Toy and a Mega Toy? Both are Tuffy Toy Tuff, the toughest soft toy with a squeaker. The Mega Toy has 7 layers of fabric, versus 4 layers in the Ultimate. This gives the Mega one more point on the “Chomper” Scale, so Megas rate a 10 versus a 9 for the Ultimate. Probably 90% of dogs can’t kill an Ultimate Tuffy Toy but, for those last 10% of chewers, grab a Mega Toy!

Happy Halloween!


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It’s coming….tricks and treats and things that go bump in the night!
Halloween Costumes are now 40% off at both Decadent Dogs locations! Let us help you celebrate in style!

Stella and Chewy Raw Food

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.41.06 PM

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Decadent Dogs carries this fabulous Raw Food- available both Freeze dried using High Pressure or Frozen, raw. Feed your dog as Nature intended!

Bully Stick Product Review

Birdie Approved

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The beef ligament is the best thing I have found for Birdie to chew on. It is hard initially and softens as she chews on it. Unlike the typical dog treats which only last for a few minutes these last for days of constant chewing. Sent by Bill, A Decadent Dog customer!

New Decadent Dogs Store in Holland, MI!

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Welcome to Holland, MI Decadent Dogs!  WOW!  Grand Opening was held on September 19, 2015 and what a great turnout!  Please make a point to come and visit our new store!Decadent Dogs

206 River Ave

Holland, MI 49423


ChaChi, Shelter Dog of the Day on 8-31-15


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Chachi!  Of course, he’s a little 7.5# Chihuahua, about 2 years old.  He’s pretty brave, meeting all the new dogs and investigating the store!  He’s here at Decadent Dogs until about 4pm today, stop down to see him here or check on him later at Al-Van Humane Society in South Haven.

Grace has been adopted!


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Little Miss Grace has been ADOPTED! Miss Adorable can’t go home to her new family until she’s been spayed, but the Shelter will take awesome care of her until she’s old enough to go home and join her big Lab sibling, Shiloh. We’ll be getting another family picture soon.

Shelter Puppy needs a home!


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Grace!  Adorable might be a better name for this spunky, little cutie!  She is a long haired, 3 month old Chihuahua, picked up as a stray (what!  who ever let this one go?) and she needs to be ADOPTED TODAY!  Visit her at Decadent Dogs until about 4pm OR other times at Al-Van Humane Society.  IF you’ve ever wanted a cute puppy, now is your day to do it!  Don’t delay, she’ll find a home fast!

Quincy, Shelter Dog of the Day 8-17-15


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Cute and lovable and about 5 years old, Quincy!  A Min-Pin, he is making friends and having fun at Decadent Dogs today.  He would like to find someone to adopt him, take him home and treat him well!  He’ll be here until about 4pm today, otherwise visit him at Al-Van Humane Society.

Abby is adopted!


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Decadent Dogs did it again! The Awesome, Adorable Abby was Adopted today! #481 adopted at Ddogs for the Al-Van humane Society! She’s going home with Kelly and Allison to meet a brother, a Black Lab and 4 horses on a farm! Lots of room to roam and explore. Congratulations to all of you!

Boogie needs a home


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Monday, June 22,2015:  We have a dog here, up for adoption from the Al-Van Humane Society! This little girl is about 6 years old, her name is Boogie, she’s a Min-Pin and cute, adorable and loving!  Come visit her today, and apply to adopt her online at Al-Van Humane Society.  She’s a cutie! She’ll be with us until about 4pm today, after that contact Al-Van to visit her.  Thank you.

Fall Hours!

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Welcome to Decadent Dogs:

Open Sunday-Thursday from 9am to 7pm

Open Friday and Saturday 9am-9pm

Happy Fall!

Gidget’s been adopted! In Record Time!


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And we have a match made! Susan was approved by Al-Van Humane Society to adopt Gidget! #480 adopted by Ddogs for Al-Van! Woot!woot! Congratulations to both girls!

Shelter Dog of the Day is Gidget


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Gidget! She’s about 5 years old, she looks like a Cocker Spaniel, 21lbs, found as a stray. Beautiful girl, well behaved, a perfect companion dog! She’ll be here until about 4pm, then she’ll return to Al-Van Humane Society. Adopt today!

Shelter Dog of the Day-Athena


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Athena!  She is a lovely Terrier Mix, LOVES to play with Shopdog Sandy, about 19 lbs, fun, lovable and NEEDS a home!  Visit her today!

Potato has been adopted!


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Shelter Dog Potato has been ADOPTED! Yay! He is going home with Megan, to a family with a Havanese and 2 little girls to love him! Megan’s mom and dad certainly helped her with choosing the best little puppy ever for her family! Good Luck to all, they will come back and let us know what the girls name him! #476 adopted by Decadent Dogs for the Al-Van Humane Society.

3 month old “Potato” needs a home!


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Meet and Greet at Decadent Dogs TODAY!  April 18th, 2015 This little fella is Pug-Pomeranian mix, 3 months old and ADOPTABLE!!!!!!! He is cute, lively and FUN! Come quickly!

Downtown South haven Gives Event TODAY! April 18

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Decadent Dogs joins Downtown South Haven Gives Event! 20% of Sales go to Al-Van Humane and Pluck A Duck for a Buck, win great prizes and ALL donations go to Al-Van Humane Society! Open until 8pm tonight!

Downtown South haven Gives!

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Join us Saturday April 18th in Downtown South haven as participating Merchants support their favorite charities by donating a portion of sales, collecting for good, or having special items available, with proceeds designated for charity causes. Ddogs  Open 9am-7pm

NEW! Local art at Decadent Dogs


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Jan is a talented and local Artist that has spent years depicting the AKC Breeds of dogs using colored pencil and acrylic paints.  She then makes prints of her fine art, and using her own special techniques of layering prints, she makes these beautiful one-of-a-kind Mixed Media pictures.  We love how she includes a puppy in each collage, captures the spirit in their eyes and even has collected stamps from around the world to add to her Mixed Media!  Each collage, whether small or large, is an original!

Decadent Dogs is the exclusive source for these works, and has these breeds available:

Airedale       Afghan       Akita       Australian Shepherd       Alaskan Malamute

Basset Hound       Basenji       Beagle       Bearded Collie       Belgian Shepherd        Belgian Malinois       Belgian Tervuren        Bernese Mountain Dog        Bichon Frise        Bloodhound       Border Collie       Border Terrier     Boston Terrier        Boxer       Bulldog

Cavalier King Charles-Ruby   Blenheim and Tri Colored       Chihuahua       ChowChow       English Cocker       American Cocker-Buff       Collie       Corgi-Welsh Cardigan       Corgi-Welsh Pembroke       Dachshund-long haired       Dachshund-Wire Haired       Dalmatian         Doberman- black       Doberman-brown       Dogue de Bordeaux

English Setter       Wire Fox Terrier       German Shepherd                                     German Shorthaired Pointer         German Wirehaired Pointer       Golden Retriever

Great Dane-fawn        Great Dane-mantle       Great Pyrennes        Greyhound       Italian Greyhound        Irish Wolfhound        Irish Setter       Jack Russell Terrier       Keeshound         Kerry Blue Terrier          Labrador-Black       Labrador-Chocolate         Labrador-Yellow        Maltese       Mastiff       Norfolk Terrier       Norwich Terrier            Old English Shepherd    Petit Brussels Griffon       Pomeranian       Poodle-Toy  & Std

Portuguese Water Dog       Pug       Rhodesian Ridgeback       St Bernard       Samoyed

Schnauzer-Miniature and Giant       Scottish Terrier (Scottie)       Shar Pei

Shetland Sheepdog   Shetland Sheepdog-Blue Merle     Shiba Inu      Shih Tzu           Spinone Italiano         English Springer-Liver        Vizsla       Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier         Weimaraner       West Highland Terrier (Westie)         Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie)

Call us and we will email or text a picture of her art in your breed!  269-639-0716

Happy needs a home!


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Cappy is our “Shelter Dog of the Day”  today!  He and his sister were found together and have turned out to be just the sweetest!  Happy wants every customer to give him love and attention!  He will make a great companion, he’s just the right amount of playful, friendly and loving.  Adopt here today!  He’ll be here until about 4pm, or contact Al-Van Humane Society​.

Tiny needs a home!


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Tiny!  Adorable lover!  This little gal just wants love, love, love all day long!  She snuggles, cuddles and talks (just softly)  Adopt today!

Kissing Booth for St Pat’s Day!

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Dexter the French Bulldog will reenact his Kissing Booth tomorrow, March 17th from 10am-Noon! For one Gold Coin Donation to Al-Van Humane Society(Dollar) put into his Pot ‘O Gold you will receive a big Dexter KISS! Oh so fun and for a Great cause! See you tomorrow, wearing the green at Decadent Dogs!

Danny Glover needs a home!


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Danny Glover is back! (official Shelter name is Gloves)  Mr Adorable is very playful, between 3 and 4 months old, possibly a Boston Terrier mix and he is CUTE!  He’ll be here at Decadent Dogs until about 4 pm today, come and see him!  Tell all your friends who are considering adopting to see him!  Or contact Al-Van Humane Society for adoptable dogs!

Danny Glover is up for adoption!


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“Shelter Dog of the Day” is Gloves, but we’re calling him Danny Glover! He is a Boston Terrier Mix, male, black with Brindle colored feet. Cute, adorable, perfect puppy attitude! Busy and friendly! 10 lbs. He’ll be at Decadent Dogs until about 4pm today. Adopt today!

Isabelle goes home to her new family


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Finally!  The Davis girls get to take their puppy, Isabelle, home!  She was adopted 2 weeks ago, but couldn’t go until she was spayed…so off she goes to a great family that LOVES her! (Previously her name was Slipper.) Piper is her BFF and will take such good care of her!  #475 adopted by Ddogs for the Al-Van Humane Society. YAY for puppy love!

Store CLOSED Feb 17 and 18, 2015

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New carpet being installed on Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 17 and 18, 2015.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We expect to reopen on Thursday Feb 19 at 9am!

Chili has been adopted!


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Chili has wriggled his way right into the Wiles families heart!  And his new name will be Seamus after Uncle Michael Shamus Wiles, of Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy fame!  #474 adopted by Decadent Dogs for the Al-Van Humane Society!

Chili is our Shelter Dog of the Day

Chili the Adorable Basset Hound Mix

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Chili, A Basset Hound mix, 3 months old, is our “Shelter Dog of the Day”!  Adorable!!!!!!!!!  Lively, fun, gives kisses, puppy through and through!  Come and visit him here today until about 4pm, apply to adopt online at Al-Van Humane Society​.  Let all your friend know that this adorable guy NEEDS a home!  He’s about 10 lbs now.

Happy Groundhog Day!


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The Groundhog is happy to see that it is sunny and bright in South haven, sidewalks and roads are clear AND Decadent Dogs is OPEN for business from 9am-6pm!

Ivy Grace Leder

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It is with heavy heart that I have to say that Ivy Grace, “Shopdog Extraordinaire” passed away on January 19,2015.  At 13 years old, her heart just gave up.  What a lovely, and well-loved dog she was.  And a wonderful caretaker of her family and friend to all the customers.  She will be missed.

Safety Ice Melt now available at Decadent Dogs

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Protect your pets from salt with Safety Ice Melt! Contains NO rock salt! Pets should not ingest salt, and their paws certainly can’t handle salt, it causes them to dry and crack.

Always wipe your dog’s paws with a moist towel after walking outside on snowy days, says Louise Murray, D.V.M., vice president of the ASPCA Animal Hospital. Trim the hair between the dog’s toes to reduce mineral collection, or put doggie booties on all four paws as extra protection.

Don’t let your dog lick salt or even ice melt or drink from puddles or slush pools when its outside. Even very limited amounts of 100 percent sodium chloride can be lethal to dogs.





Coats and Boots and Coats and Boots!

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Coats and Boots and Coats and Boots!
and that is why we are Open Every Day!
Little Miss Molly could not bear going out in the cold and snow until she got her new coat and boots from Ddogs!

Stella and Chewy ‘s Freeze Dried Foods

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Stella and Chewy’s Dinner for Dogs are available in 4 flavors at Decadent Dogs!  These irresistible foods are 100% complete and balanced, raw meats, fruits, vegetables, with added vitamins and minerals and NO grains, glutens, artificial preservatives, sugar, salt or coloring.  And dogs LOVE them!  This is the easiest way to feed RAW foods to your dog.  Safe and delicious!

Flavors available: Dandy Lamb Dinner

Duck, Duck, Goose

Stella’s Super Beef

Surf ‘N Turf

Cranberry is our Shelter Dog of the Day!


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Oh what a cutie this little guy is!  He’s about 4 months old,  and the most playful puppy!  He LOVES kids, other dogs, adults, everyone!  We think he is a “Chiweenie”, which is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.  So he will stay small AND adorable!  He’ll be here until 4pm, December 30th, and at the Al-Van Shelter at other times.  Adopt today!

Ivy Grace and Gilligan are back from vacation!


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Ivy Grace and Gilligan are back from a week with Grandma! They’ve both found their spots in the sun and are resting up from vacation!

Baby spent the day with us!


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“Shelter Dog of the Day” is….drumroll, please……Baby!!!!!! 11 years old, white, sweet, friendly, female, in other words= Adorable! Come and visit this cutie, on “Senior Special” $75to adopt and only $25 for a Senior to adopt! Application process must still be followed, apply to adopt her here at Ddogs today until about 4pm, otherwise she can be found at Al-Van Humane Society.

Katara has been found by her owners!

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 10.09.48 PM

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Our friend George, owner of Performance Plus on Broadway, called this afternoon saying that a beautiful and scared Husky had wandered into his Oil Change Shop. Unfortunately, the dog was startled and backed up and FELL into the oil pit! With the assistance of Critter Cuts, George was able to get the Husky out of the oil pit-but who does she belong to? We quickly shared this picture on FaceBook and started to call all our customers with Huskies, trying to locate her owner. Thanks to our connected community-the owners found their dog! Thanks everyone!

Blaze Orange for Fall


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If you hunt or just take walks in the woods and fields this fall, may we suggest Blaze Orange Safety Vests and Collars for your walking partner?  Be safe out there!

Baby Jade is up for adoption!


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Baby Jade is a 5 year old, 18 pound Yorkie/Silky Mix. Very quiet, very sweet and likes to cuddle. Would do well with someone that has time to spend with her as she does not like to be away from her person. Here until 4pm, stop by to see her today!  

Mary B has been adopted!!!!!!


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Last Saturday we were able to adopt Mary B out to Kim and Mark, #471 adopted by Ddogs for the Al-Van Humane Society in South Haven. Her new parents bought her a really warm coat and drove home to Traverse City with her. Changed her name to Beemer, and introduced her to her new siblings. Fenced in yard, doggie door to the outside so she can romp and play to her hearts content. Thank you Kim and Mark! She looks great in her new home!#livethedream

B Mary needs a home!


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Decadent Dogs Miss B Mary is holding court here at Ddogs, looking for herself a fabulous new home! She is about a year old, Jack Russell mix?, maybe? She is cute, loves everybody, lots of energy! Picked up as a stray, likes men, kids, everyone! Come see Be Merry, today!

New Tees!


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Always new fun to be had at Decadent Dogs!  Check out this fun new Halloween teeshirt-Frankenpug!  $19.95 and available in Adult sizes from Sm-2XL

Happy Labor Day!


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Fall Store Hours:

Starting Labor Day: Open Sunday-Thursday 9am-7pm

Open Friday and Saturday 9am-9pm

Always Open Every Day! (except Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter!)

Blondie has been adopted!

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Yep, we did it again!  Found the greatest family to adopt Blondie-who’s name is now Maggie!  She’s on her way home to meet brother Max-a Boston Terrier!  Congratulations to all!  #470 adopted by Ddogs for the Al-Van Humane Society.

Blondie needs a home!

Blondie-Little Miss Adorable

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Little Miss Adorable is our “Shelter Dog of the Day! Blondie is about 6 years old, was picked up as a stray, covered in mats and burrs. She has been beautifully groomed and is desperately seeking a loving family to take GOOD care of her! She is 25#, and incredibly sweet and mellow. If you are interested in adopting her, please visit her here today until 4pm or contact the Al-Van Humane Society in South Haven-thanks!

Daisy needs a home!


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Daisy is our “Shelter Dog of the Day”! She is adorable! Fun loving, active, smart, about 2 years old and ready for fun! She needs an active family to keep up with her! She’ll be here at Ddogs until about 3pm, see her here today! # Al-Van Humane Society for more information

Penny has been adopted!


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And Penny has been adopted! She came right out to greet Trenton, tail wagging and picked him to adopt her! And Trenton needs to walk more, so off they go! #466 adopted for Al-Van Humane Society by Decadent Dogs!

Penny needs a home


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Penny is our adorable “Shelter Dog of the Day” again.  She is about 9lbs, 4 years old???? Cute and quiet and sweet, makes friends easily.  She would make a nice, quiet person a nice, quiet companion!

Penny is our Shelter Dog of the Day!


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Shelter Dog of the Day is:   Penny, a 4 year old Chihuahua, weighing in at a BIG 9lbs!  She is a little shy, but very sweet. When it is quiet here, she comes out to snuggle, investigate and make friends.  She would make a nice quiet person or family a fabulous friend!

Smokey needs a home!


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Shelter Dog of the Day is Smokey!  Oh what a cutie!!!!!!!!  6 months old, 11 lbs, Dachshund/Rat Terrier Mix!  Here at Decadent Dogs and making friends and looking for his forever home!  Adopt this live wire here today!  OR contact Al-Van Humane Society!

New T-shirts arriving daily!

bulldog marine.195.195

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New t-shirts arriving-available in Adult sizes SM to 5XL!  Garment washed, preshrunk, nice quality.  Either Made in USA OR dyed and printed in USA.

Phoenix Street Rises and Rocks!


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May 10th, 2014, the entire downtown South Haven is going to have a Street Party!

Events include:  Music at Dyckman Park (on Phoenix Street, at the Clock, across from City Hall)

10am-noon:  Jazz Band

Noon:Flash Mob Happy Dance

12:30-2:30pm  The US Band – A Pat Benatar Tribute Band!

3-4pm Theressa Ruppert and The LifeBridge Praise Band

4-6pm  Jared Knox  Country Singer

7:30pm   Music continues a The Foundry Hall

On Phoenix Street throughout the Day:  Massage Chair, singers and musical acts, Flame Thrower, Bouncy House, Chalk Artist, Face Painting, games, Dog training, Photo Booths and much more!   10% off at MOST stores!  Come and join the fun!


Chewbacca is at Ddogs looking for a home-Monday 4-21-14


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Chewbacca is our Shelter Dog of the Day.  He is about a year old, neutered male, about 21 lbs and ADORABLE!  He is very well behaved, waits to be told it’s OK to go through doors, somebody took some time with this guy! Go ahead and visit him here today, until about 3pm.

Cowboy has found his forever home!


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Adopted!!!!!!! Cowboy has found his home! He’s going to Indiana and joining an older Black Pomeranian, who will teach him the ropes!

Cowboy needs a home!


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Shelter Dog of the Day for April 14,2013 is 8 month old Cowboy!

Cowboy is back as our Shelter Dog of the Day! Oh my goodness, this guy is the cutest!!!!!!! A black Pomeranian, 8 months old, only 7 lbs, lively, active and friendly! He is looking for a forever home all day here at Decadent Dogs and then other times at Al-Van Humane Society.

Lab Mix Mo has been adopted!


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Little Lab Mix Mo was adopted out on Saturday! I think he was only in his Foster Home one day! Have fun with this cutie!

#462 adopted for AlVan Humane Society by Ddogs!


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And Darcy has been adopted!!!!!!!!!!  She has gone home with a really nice couple, she will travel with them and probably lick their grandchildren tll they cry tears of happiness!  We will get a picture of the family next week, and her new name might be Ann, jury is still out on that.

Darcy needs a home


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Darcy is our “Shelter Dog of the Day! She is about a year old, possible wire haired terrier mix, spayed female. Such a sweet and quiet girl, she will make someone a great companion!

Ennis needs a home!


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Cute Shelter Dog Ennis needs a home! He’s a Chihuahua Mix, 7 lbs, a year old and ready to snuggle! Adopt him today!
Cute Customer of the day is the lovely Marta she is great at snuggling puppies!


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Awww!!  Coco is back and still up for adoption!  She is 2yrsand10mths old, Chihuahua, 7 lbs, cute and friendly.  She is shy around little kids, but lively and friendly around everyone else!  She’s a GREAT lapdog and really would like someone to just sit still and cuddle her.  See her here at Decadent Dogs until about 4pm today or contact Al-Van

Auggie doggie needs a home!


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Auggie Doggie is back looking for his forever home! Visit him at Decadent Dogs until about 4pm or contact Al-Van Humane Society. He is about 3 years old, 20 lbs, friendly but reserved.

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