Dog Rocks-What are they for?

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Let’s let Leap answer! Leaps Wednesday Review: Thanks to my friend Gilligan for giving a guest review last week. This week I am here to talk about those silly rocks in my water. The human people here say they help the grass stay green when I pee on it. I don’t understand why they would want to do that, it’s just grass. I guess they like it that way… as long as I can still roll and dig in it I don’t care! I guess these rocks come from Australia and they naturally clean the water of the things that cause my pee to kill your grass. Especially for us female dogs who like to pee in a big puddle. There is no chemicals or anything involved which is good for everyone. Just put the rocks in the water bowl and watch it work! They say to get new ones every 2-3 months or as soon as your grass starts to show signs of dying again. Also, a shout out to this awesome mat for my food and water and the metal food bowls by Buddy’s Line. I give DogRocks a big 4 paws up! *all reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them but a little Border Collie can only do so much!

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