Leap loves a good Frisbee and West Paw is BEST!

Posted on by roxanne

Leaps Toy Review: Zooommmmmm! Did you see me fly by? I like to go fast and far playing in the park. My mom says it’s finally March which means we are closer to getting to do that again. Yippee! These West Paw Frisbees are perfect for all of that. I especially like the one with the hole because it is really easy for me to pick up. They are all super soft on my mouth but also hold up to my teeth and some chewing. My brother is really hard on Frisbees and these hold up to even him. They are also made from recycled rubber so I can help save some trees too (or at least I think that’s how that works, I’m just a dog, what do I know?). I give these Frisbee’s a big 4 paws up off the ground as I leap through the air to catch it!*All reviews are based on my own 4 paw rating system. I would give more if I had them! A little Border Collie can only do so much.

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