About Our Team


For 30 years, Roxanne worked as a medical technologist at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI. Her summers were spent in South Haven at the small family cottage and led to dreams of opening her own small business in downtown SoHa and living in a house along the shore. In the early spring of 2011, the timing seemed right to leave the world of science and enter the world of business. As a long-time dog lover herself, she jumped at the chance to purchase Decadent Dogs and make it her own. A particular passion of hers is supporting local businesses and artists, and so she has made a point of seeking out local dog products to stock in the store. She loves talking with her customers (and giving their dogs a treat on the house!) and welcomes you to come on in and check out Decadent Dogs for yourself.


A long-time employee of DDogs (as those in the know call the store), Sarah knows all the ins-and-outs of the business and all the regular customers by name and their dogs by favorite treat. If the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, Sarah will have it waiting for you the next time you come in. She is an invaluable asset to the store, not just for her business sense but for her smiling and cheerful personality that brightens everyone’s day.

Patrice joins us at South Haven, MI

Patrice is happy to work at Decadent Dogs in Downtown South Haven.  A native South Haven-ite she has a dog named Trixie that she loves and spoils-she fits right in at Ddogs!

ShopDogs hard at work at Decadent Dogs

Gilligan is a rescue, now approximately 4 years old-Shiba Inu and Chihuahua-favorite treat-Happy Howie's sausage (any flavor-Beef, Lamb or Turkey).  Will  work for food!  Sandy is also a rescue, about 2 years old-loves to be loved!  Part Husky and "talks" often, mostly Mutt.  Can you guess why her name is Sandy?

Holland Staff Member, Abby

Abby has been involved in dog training and grooming for over 10 years.  She currently shows her 2 Border Collies Skye and Leap in Agility, Flyball, Disc and other dog sports they want to try!  They have trained with the top agility instructors in the world and love to compete!  Leap has also joined the Ddogs team.  She is an avid ball player/fetcher and greets each customer at the door with a question "Didn't you just come here to play with me?".  She's  proven herself to be a great asset-she sells TOYS!

Janet loves Gilligan!

Well, all the Staff at Ddogs loves Gilligan, but Janet and he have a special bond-must be influenced by the number of treats Janet gives him?  Janet also loves working at Decadent Dogs, her son Ethan worked here first-he must have given us the thumbs up!  Nice to have you onboard, Janet!

Laura joins Ddogs Staff

Laura is a welcome addition to our Ddogs team...as you can see, she's open for anything-she even dressed up to work on Halloween!  That's why we so appreciate her-she jumps right in to any project, works hard and smiles a lot!  Welcome!

Wanda-our true Dutch Girl!

Wanda knows all things Holland and Dutch, she even works for the Downtown Holland group AND for Tulip Time!  And she supplied all of us in Dutch costumes for Tulip Time.  Wanda has 3 beagles, "the girls", and has always been a dog lover and supporter.  We are so happy to have her working at Decadent Dogs!

Staff Member, Kim

Holland Decadent Dogs store extends a warm welcome to new staff member, Kim.  Friendly and smart, lover of dogs and cats, Kim will be a great asset to Ddogs team!  She has a Beagle, Freckles and a Mini-Dachshund, Penny. She is studying Creative writing at Cornerstone University when not at Decadent Dogs, and is looking forward to welcoming you and your pets to the Holland store.

Holland Staff Member, Kayla

Kayla is excited to be apart of the Holland DDogs team.  She has a husband and 5 children (2 furry and 3 furless).  She does basic and advanced obedience training with her 2 German Shepherd Dogs and loves all things relating to health and wellness for her family, including the fur babies!

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